The Craft of Erotic designs in Wood

My name is Ash and I welcome you to my website which is still under construction.

I am a traditional fine woodworker, concentrating on making bespoke items from solid wood.

I cater to both the trade and public.

I offer a descreet service to customers who want a quality unique item, made to their exact requirements.

They will not only perform exceptionally well for play but will also look stunning.


Recent item: St Andrews Cross made from solid Walnut.

St Andrews Cross

Recent item: Spanking bench made from solid Walnut

Spanking Bench

Recent items: Spanking Bench made from solid Walnut.



Happy to produce all type of Erotic objects. From a custom frame for your favourite erotic print to items of a more intimate nature.


Dungeon items are a specialty.  


Although this website is dedicated to my work in the world of Erotica. However I am a by trade a furniture maker and would be happy to supply you details of my none Erotic work


Coming soon bespoke leather item. I love the process creating things by hand. Just discovered the joy of making items in leather.